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Our objectives.......

CSI intends to be a group that is solely community minded and driven by;

in order to provide assistance where it is needed most.

To remain unaffiliated with any other community group.

By doing so we will be more inclusive of people and places that need help because

we will function free of guidelines imposed by parent groups that outline

what monies can be applied/used for.

To find the grants and hold the fundraisers so that we can uplift our community and people;

help in their times of need; make it a great place to live, work, play and raise a family.

To provide financial assistance for our community.  

 eg: crisis situations such as house fires or illness or accidents.  Accomodations for family staying with someone in the hospital. Funeral costs. Expensive medical devices.

Donating money to community facilities in specific instances to better them for the benefit of the whole.

Please call Lisa 514-6671 or Colleen 202-0048

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